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  • advance networking , endpoint bitpro 5

    When I try to test 6 network ports using advance networking and setting up endpoint on another PC all ports do not start testing at once. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to start some of the ports. It doesn't seem the load is spread evenly over the ports.

    The problem is some of my tests are only a minute long so I need all ports to start at the same time and end at the same time with an even amount of traffic on all the ports.

    Is there anyway to do this in advance networking testing?

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    The advanced network test was developed with longer duration testing in mind. For example, the load balancing only occurs every 15 seconds. And potentially only one port is started per balancing cycle. With the current version, it is not possible to achieve 6 NICs at even load within a 1 minute duration test.

    We will have a look and see if we can change the test to better ramp up all NICs, and then balance the load on them.

    Best regards,
    Ian (PassMark).