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UUID/GUID in BurnInTest Certificate

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  • UUID/GUID in BurnInTest Certificate


    is a possibility which is the UUID/GUID displayed in the BurnInTest Certificate?

    Best Regards

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    There is no UUID/GUID displayed in the BurnInTest Certificate.

    Maybe I have not fully understood your question and if you would like to be more specific about what you are looking for, then maybe I can help further.


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      Hi Ian,

      Our customers want to that all devices have a different UUID.
      The change the UUID is not the porblem.
      But the customer also want to know what each device has UUIDs.
      It would be perfect if our test program "BurnInTest" would spend these UUIDs in the test protocol.


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        If you are asking can we change the BurnInTest Certificate to display a UUID for some hardware component, then I will say that I can add this to a list of possible future features if you provide more specifics about where the UUID is stored and what hardware component it is related to. e.g. You could send me a screenshot showing a UUID to, help [at] passmark [dot] com.

        If you want a specific test changed to include a "UUIDs in the test protocol", please let me know which test you would like changed and how. Again, you can send this to, help [at] passmark [dot] com.