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Burn In Test Setting - 8GB USB 2.0 flash drive

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  • Burn In Test Setting - 8GB USB 2.0 flash drive

    Hi There,

    Here we are designing the USB extender solution hardware in Canada. One of our end customer would like the finished product run through the 72hrs burn in test, we bring in some self-powered 4 ports USB hubs in order to maximize the test capacity in the PCBA supplier side.

    Here is the hardware disposition trail run in our lab before we deply to supplier side together with our " real device":

    *Each USB port of PC connected with one USB 3.0 4ports hub
    *Each USB hub is self-powered
    *Each USB port of hub is connected with 8GB USB 2.0 flash drive, so each hub with 4pcs flash drive
    *The PC has 6 USB ports, so totally 6 hubs and 24pcs flash drive is connected to host PC to run burn in

    * The PC host is i5-8265U/8GB DDR4/ Win10 64

    Basing on above setting, we are looking for some recommendation on the Disk " Selecting Test Preferences", including Test Mode/File Size/Seek Count( if needed)/block size/pattern.

    Thanks for the kindly support.

    Ping @ Canada

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    From the point of view of testing a USB extender cable. I don't think the disk settings are that important. I guess you want some reads and some writes and some random data patterns, but otherwise it probalby doesn't matter.

    But using a disk test will hide some low level errors that cause re-transmission on the USB bus.
    You might be better off using our USB3 test plugs?


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      Hi David,

      Thanks for the reply. Actually we have brought lots of USB 2.0 and 3.0 loopback from Passmark : ) And all of them are quite stable while being used on our extender hardware.
      The issue here is one customer ramp up their last time buy, and we don't wanna to excessively invent on more test accessories as this is the only customer asking for 72hrs room temperature BI.
      Thus we are planning to use both flash driver & passmark loopback hardware to control the budget.

      Thanks for your kindly sharing.