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Unable to create BurninTest Pro (WinPE Builder error 1) on windows 10.

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  • Unable to create BurninTest Pro (WinPE Builder error 1) on windows 10.

    Unable to create BurninTest Pro ISO for Pendrive (WinPE Builder error 1) on windows 10.

    Dear Sir/Madam and community :]

    I acquired for our organisation two licences for BurninTest Pro and some other software that needed to test servers. Sadly I encountered a problem with creating Booting WinPE image on my Windows 10 station.

    I installed WindowsSDK for Windows 10 and ADKWinPEAddons, us I found a similar problem in the topic.
    Sadly that didn't resolve my problem, I still can't create USB flash or iso image with these tools to start testing servers.

    I will be glad if someone points me what can I try next to create this WinPE booting ISO.

    Asseco data Systems S.A.

    GIF file that shows that problem:

    Best regards
    Adam B.

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    If you are certain you have Windows ADK and WinPE installed, can you see if you can run the copype command from the "Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment". WinPEBuilder is a helper utility that uses the existing tools to create the bootable flash drive.

    From Windows, "Start Menu->Window Kits->Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment", then when it launches the console window. Type "copype amd64 <test/work directory>". Replace the <test/work directory> with whichever location you want on your local system. You can delete the folder later. This should test if the "paths" are correct on your system.

    Also, you can try to run WinPEBuilder with the "-k" command line option (edit the shortcut target field or via cmd) and this will keep the files used to create the WinPE around (you'll need to clean up the files later yourself). You can see the batch scripts WinPE uses to create image in the temp work directory and step through the script to see where it is failing.


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      Hi Richard,
      I was certain I have installed complete Windows ADK in the system, but it turns out I installed Windows SDK AddOn.

      After I corrected this and disable antivirus active protection in my next try I found another problem in the file log. Related to task adding USB drivers (so I removed it from compilation) and successfully build ISO.

      Best regards
      Adam B.