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    Dear Sir:

    We are now using BurnIn TEST V6 and found a problem, So I want to confirm it with you.

    When we use Standard Network TEST, it will cause errors in our software program.
    Error does not happen immediately, it takes about 4 hours to test before you see the problem
    Error only occurs when the load rate is 100%.
    We have used an external Network address.

    But in our same environment, we use Advanced Network TEST, Our software will not have the same problem.

    We are now confirming our software and hardware, but we have not been able to find a clue to the problem.
    Could you please tell me the difference between Standard Network TEST and Advanced Network TEST?

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    We aren't sure what you are referring to by "our software program".

    V6 of BurnInTest is very old now and we no longer support it.

    See the BurnInTest User's Guide for a description of the tests.


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      The standard network test just uses ICMP ECHO packets, the same as a "ping" test. These packets aren't guaranteed to arrive or be responded too, above a certain amount per second the receiving system or any hardware in between may start dropping them.

      The advanced network test requires the endpoint executable to be running so BurnInTest can open a TCP/IP connection between it and the endpoint which is more reliable for sending/receiving data over the network.


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        Dear Tim
        Thank you very much for your explanation, I will check the corresponding part。