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  • Software Exception Encountered

    Windows 10 64Bit
    PassMark BIT V9.1 Pro

    I have been receiving the "Software exception encountered. Please report to PassMark Software" error when I try to have PassMark launch a .bat file at the end of a test. Has anyone experienced this before? How do I get around this?

    I have to run 2 BurnIn tests on a number of PCs. I have a Script that loads the software from a USB and launches into the first test. That works fine. But when PassMark launches the next test, I get this error. My suspicion is that PM is getting hung up on loading the configuration of the 2nd test? I've checked the config. files and everything looks to be correct and in the right place. Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated!

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    If you only launch the second set of tests do you still see the error? If you can email us the scripts and configs you are using we can try and reproduce the crash here.

    If there are any .DMP files being created in the Documents\PassMark\BurnInTest directory (they may also be getting redirected to the USB drive) could you please ZIP them and send them us.


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      Tim, Thanks you for your response. I have sent an email to the link you provided. And to answer your question, Yes. I get the same error if I run the file independently. I am curious if it is a Permissions error somewhere?