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  • Advanced Network test

    I am having serious problems testing units with 2 NICs. Typical unit has a Wireless card and an Ethernet NIC.

    I read carefully the help file on "advanced" + FAQ and still can't understand if ONE Endpoint is enough or if you need one per NIC. I find the documentation unclear on that point...

    In any case, I have ONE Endpoint running and ONE computer on a local network. Endpoint runs on a computer that does nothing else.

    When I start the network test with BOTH NIC enabled nothing happens. Data Sent and received by both cards is zero and EndPoint doesn't seem to see anything.

    CheckEnd displays the name of computer running EndPoint!

    Only way to have the test run is to disable one of the NIC by right clicking on systray Icon and selecting "disable".

    Am I missing something or BurnInTest can't do that? I am not really interested in writing another plugin for network testing...

    Thanks in advance for any info.
    screen of unit under test here (ORION-HT is running EndPoint)

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    We will update the documentation to better cover the setup of BurnInTest and Endpoints.

    Basically you need at least one EndPoint NIC for each BurnInTest NIC. Hence if you have 2 NIC's under test on the BurnInTest System, then you will at least need 2 Endpoint NICs. To set up 2 Endpoint NICS, you can either have a single PC with 2 NICs running the Endpoint software, or you can have 2 PC's with 1 NIC both running the Endpoint software.

    How many NICs are on your Endpoint system?

    Please make sure you are using the latest version of BurnInTest as there have been a few changes to the Advanced network test lately. The latest version is currently V5.1 1011.

    In saying this, the test should still start on one of the BurnInTest system NICs. Could you please update to V5.1 1011, set logging to Trace level 2, run the advanced network test and send the .trace files to help [at] passmark [dot] com. Please also send the debug.txt file from the endpoint directories.

    Ian (Passmark)


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      Multiple NICs in UUT...

      I have started testing systems with as many as 4 NICs, a 10/100, dual GigE, and a wireless. I found that getting multiple cheap routers seems to work fairly well, takes less power and $ than a full computer as an endpoint. I just hook up each of the NICs to a different router, and have different DHCP address ranges for each. I then ping the router gateway addresses during BurnIn test. Very simple and works well as long as you have good wireless signal. In additon, with the use of a switch, you can have hundreds of units tested, each with 4 ports, with the cost of just 4 routers, and 3 switches...