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USB Loopback failure using extension cable

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  • USB Loopback failure using extension cable

    I am testing USB extension cables to certify them to the USB 3.0 specifications. I have some cables that have failed and presumably will need to go back to the manufacturer for replacement or repair. I have attached the failure text as I cannot figure out from the common failures what the exact failure is. Also I notice that the HMI shows "TESTS FAILED (## ERRORS" at the bottom, the test pop-up window says "PASSED" with no errors. Can someone clarify?

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    Yes, they look like low level hardware errors on the USB bus.

    What version of BurnInTest are you using?
    Are the USB3 plugs running the latest firmware?
    Did you also test without the extension cable to confirm there was no errors without the extension cable?


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      I have tested without the extension cables multiple times and for various lengths of time without error. We are running BurnIn Test v9.1. Firmware is PMU356U9IR
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        So logical conclusion is that the cable is bad.

        Exactly what form of bad can not be determined from the log. More testing would be required.
        Could be bad shielding, high resistance due to the wrong wiring gauge being used, incorrect twist on the twister pairs, low quality contacts on the connectors, shorts, EMI, etc.....