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  • What Happen to New Version

    What happen to Burn-In Test Pro Version 91. Build 1009? It seems to have been pulled from the download area.

    Thank you for your time....

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    The build number on the download page has been corrected.


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      Ok I got a little wrong. If I go to the What's New page for Burn-In Test it only shows what's new for 9.1 Build 1008 not what's new for 9.1 Build 1009. Also, I did not know about the changing it to BurnInTest Windows Edition. However, when I go to download page for BurnIn test and download it still downloads the Pro Version (file name bitpro.exe). When I install it, the program shows a BurnInTest V9.1 Pro not the new BurnInTest Windows Edition (have attached screenshot). Also, the file that is downloaded when installed shows BurnInTest V9.1 Build 1009 however, if you click on the file properties (for bitpro.exe) it shows that it is build 1008 (have attached screenshot). Also, when trying to use the check for update I get an error message about not being able to connect to Passmark. However, Check for update works fine on the PerformanceTest program (have attached screenshot).

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        Last Screen Shot...
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          We recently released BurnIntest for Linux ARM. This is in addition to the existing BurnIntest for Linux x86 release. So we had a lot of different versions. To slightly simplify this BurnInTest Standard (for Windows) has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. We'll continue to provide technical support for a while however.

          BurnInTest Professional (for Windows) has been renamed BurnInTest Windows Edition.
          BurnInTest Windows is identical to BurnInTest Professional, only the name has changed on the web site.

          If you have previously purchased BurnInTest Professional Edition please download BurnInTest Windows Edition instead.

          All Customers with a current BurnInTest Professional license will continue to receive support and updates through the renamed BurnInTest Windows Edition.

          Your current BurnInTest Professional Edition license key will still work with BurnInTest Windows Edition (again, they are the same software).

          Since BurnInTest Standard Edition has been discontinued it will no longer receive any software updates in the future.

          Customers with a current BurnInTest Standard license can access a free BurnInTest Windows Edition license by signing in to your PassMark Account.
          (so basically a free upgrade to what was the Pro edition)

          If you have not set up your PassMark Account please use the "Forgot password?" link with your purchase e-mail address to create your account.

          There are a still a few mentions of the old naming in the software. We'll get that fixed up.


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            Ok, I guess BurnIn Test Pro Version 9.1 Build 1009 is really BurnIn Test Windows Edition just the name has not been changed yet? And the What's New page still doesn't show what's new for Build 1009.

            Also, any thought on why when I check for updates in BurnIn Test I get the can't connect with Passmark error but in PerformanceTest the check for updates works fine?



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              Yes, we haven't done a very good job on changing the naming everywhere and getting the versioning consistent. We'll fix it up tomorrow.
              I also take a look at the check for updates function.