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BIT Disappears from Flashdrive after One Use

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  • BIT Disappears from Flashdrive after One Use

    I have a bootable flashdrive containing Ubuntu Linux. I copy the BIT archive to it, tell it my licence key, extract files, save to a BIT folder and run a BIT test on a new computer. Upon removing the flashdrive and plugging it into another test computer, BIT isn't there. Surely I don't have to download, give it the licence key, etc all over again for every test. I probably don't know enough about Linux to make the installation permanent. What am I missing?

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    Are you copying BurnInTest to the physical USB drive or part of the live environment when it is running? As the live environment only exists in memory when you shutdown/remove the drive then anything copied there will no longer exist.

    We have some examples of creating live boot environments using Ubuntu and Slax here.


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      My mistake, Tim is correct. I was only copying files to the live environment. Newbie for sure...