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License of BurnInTest in USB

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  • License of BurnInTest in USB


    I have install BurnInTest in USB drive and put in the license key. I manage to run it in the PC without having any problem. When I took out the USB drive and run in another PC, it requires me to enter the license key again. How can I register my BurnInTest software in the USB drive so that i wont face this problem? Thanks for help. ^^

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    key.dat file for running BurnInTest from a USB drive

    You need to create a key.dat file on your USB drive.

    Making a key.dat file

    1) Create an ASCII text file.
    2) The first line must contain the username.
    3) The second line must contain the license key
    4) Save the file in the same directory as bit.exe with a file name of key.dat. Click here to see an example key.dat

    When running BurnInTest this way, there will be no files left on the PC after BurnInTest has finished. The procedure is the same for a CD, but as it is not writeable for log files, logging should be either turned off or specified to be on a writeable drive.