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The 3D Test was interrupted - BIT V.8.0

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  • The 3D Test was interrupted - BIT V.8.0


    has anybody experienced or can assist with the following:-

    Running BIT V8.0 on a Windows 7 system. Hardware is as follows:-
    Asus Q87T Motherboard
    Intel i5-4430S CPU
    4GB (2x2GB) Corsair DDR3 SODIMM's
    Intel HD4600 OnBoard Graphics using Driver Ver.

    During a long test for a clients system (between 3 & 5 hours) the 3D Graphics test errors with the message 'The 3D Test was Interrupted'. When this was noted, it was seen at Cycle 15 and Error count was 2. Not long after this, the system received a BSOD and rebooted.

    Thinking this was a problem with the clients system, a whole new system was built with identical hardware and software installations. The test was run again and performed exactly the same way, including errors and the dreaded BSOD.
    Maybe it was faulty hardware. So a third system was built fresh and then tested. The same results again. Errors then BSOD.

    Can anybody advise or assist with understanding what is causing this problem? I'm starting to think it is something to do with the Intel HD graphics and BIT not being compatible.

    Please help.

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    What were the details in the BSOD. Often the driver name (of the driver that caused the crash) is mentioned in the crash details.

    You can find a list of reasons for the 'The 3D test was interrupted' error here.


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      Hi David,

      thank you for the response. Regarding the BSOD, the system was set to restart, so no information was caught at the time before the system restarted. Also logging was not enabled so I cannot find the information. I have now changed this so that the system will not reboot if the BSOD occurs and logging is enabled.

      In regards to the mentioned items in the FAQ, I have put the relevant answers next to each item:-
      This error can occur when;
      • The screen saver starts during the test - No screensaver set & no power saving so system will remain on at all times.
      • The screen resolution changes during the test - There has been no apparent change in resolution during test. If so, the system returned to it's original resolution
      • The monitor is disconnected during the test - monitor was not disconnected and all cables were securely fitted.
      • Windows Aero theme is switched on/off during the test - No Aero theme. system has been set to classic mode to maximize performance.
      • The video card device driver crashes and restarts - No apparent drive crash but cannot be sure that did not occur.
        Things you can try to narrow down the issue;
        • We have had feedback that a Microsoft bug may cause this problem, please patch your system with KB 2979265 (if applicable) and retry. - Apparently not applicable to Windows 7 systems
        • Check you are using the latest device driver for your video card - Installed device driver is the newest available.
        • Check that the screen saver has been turned off - As detailed, screen saver & monitor power saving has been switched off.
        • Check the windows event logs for any video device driver crashes around the time that the test was interrupted. From Windows Vista there is also a specific event when Windows restarts the device driver. - Not details around the time, but will check all logs after overnight testing tonight
        • Try running without the RAM test (low memory conditions can cause Windows to turn Aero theme off automatically) - Currently not tried, but will check this after overnight testing tonight.
        • Change the Windows Aero theme to basic before starting the test - System set to Windows Classic theme and not using any Aero themes.

      Overnight testing to occur tonight and hopefully I will have some more information for you tomorrow which I shall update you on.


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        There is a webpage from some Microsoft Developers, which helps you to find available patches and hotfixes, by entering the component name.
        However it doesn't list any patches for dwm.exe on Windows 7 either

        Are there any Minidumps you could upload?
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          OK, overnight testing resulted in a BSOD. Cause was the iastorA.sys file which relates to Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver. I am going to try and reinstall this today to see if it makes any difference.

          Additional, here is the minidump from the BSOD:-
          Dump File : 120214-7659-01.dmp
          Crash Time : 01/12/2014 21:11:31
          Bug Check String : DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
          Bug Check Code : 0x000000d1
          Parameter 1 : 00000000`00000010
          Parameter 2 : 00000000`00000002
          Parameter 3 : 00000000`00000001
          Parameter 4 : fffff880`013547b8
          Caused By Driver : iaStorA.sys
          Caused By Address : iaStorA.sys+877b8
          File Description : Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver - x64
          Product Name : Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver
          Company : Intel Corporation
          File Version :
          Processor : x64
          Crash Address : ntoskrnl.exe+75bc0
          Stack Address 1 :
          Stack Address 2 :
          Stack Address 3 :
          Computer Name :
          Full Path : C:\Windows\Minidump\120214-7659-01.dmp
          Processors Count : 4
          Major Version : 15
          Minor Version : 7601
          Dump File Size : 281,408
          Dump File Time : 02/12/2014 09:02:01
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            If you Google iaStorA.sys and DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, then it seems this is a common problem.

            It likely means there is a bug in the driver, or some subtle incompatibility.

            If you do find any additional information, then please get back to us.