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How does Burn In Test calcualte GPCU, CPU temperature

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  • How does Burn In Test calcualte GPCU, CPU temperature

    We have performed test on our system using the burn in test software. In the results, the GPU and CPU temperatures came more than 10C than what was expected.
    I wan to know how and from where does the software calculates the GPU and CPU temperatures.

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    The temperatures are read from different areas of the system depending on the component. Most reading we don't do anything to the temperature read, sometimes there is an offset value that needs to be used to bring the value to an actual temperature.

    10C than what was expected
    What was your expectation based on? Other temperature measurement software?

    If you think BurnInTest is not displaying the correct temperature can you please launch it in debug mode, collect the temperatures and then send us the log files that are created.


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      Hi Tim,

      Many thanks for the response.

      The temperature of the GPU was checked by our customer using nvidia-smi command.

      In normal operation with a 50-70% load (which is normal for us) we see GPU temperatures around 70-80degC and the GPU fan speed changes to keep the GPU in this zone.
      The temperature calculated by burn in test software is actually showing that he GPU temperature is less than what the actual manufacturer is stating.

      Can you please guide on how to enable to debug mode in the burn in test software. I will see if I can find anything with that.