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3D Graphics test shows "An error occured during the DX12 3D test" (error: 2005270523)

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  • 3D Graphics test shows "An error occured during the DX12 3D test" (error: 2005270523)

    Hi Burnin administrator,

    We found every systems (notebook) which supports NVIDIA GPU (including RTX 3080/3070/RTX A2000 etc) will encounter "An error occured during the DX12 3D test" error number: 2005270523 during 3D Graphics test.

    The version of Burnin is v9.2 and we can see the issue no matter in MS hybrid mode or Discrete mode. (this is workstation system which can set to Discrete mode in BIOS menu)

    Please help to explain what the error number: 2005270523 stands for and see if there's any known issue/fixing plan for this defect.
    I've attached the failing log to attachment for reference.

    NVIDIA driver:
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    The error code is actually -2005270523 (decimal) which is 0x887a0005 in Hexadecimal.

    This is an error from the operating system. You can find the full list here

    It decodes to this error.

    The GPU device instance has been suspended.

    So the video card has "disappeared". The most common reason for this is that the video card device driver crashed. You might find entries in the Windows Event log recording the crash.

    You are also running a version of BurnInTest that is a couple of years old. So you should update to the latest patch release.

    Lenovo are aware of this issue with their Laptop. They reported the issue to us a month ago. I don't know what action they took (if any) to debug and fix it.

    Some video card crashes are also related to memory leak issues (low available RAM causes a crash are a long period of heavy load, but the real bug is a memory leak in the driver).

    Video card device driver problems like this are also common. If you Google 0x887A0005, you'll get 1000s of people reporting this error with various software.