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Issue: BurnInTest v9.2 invalidates 3 of 4 SSDs on my PC - Please help

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  • Issue: BurnInTest v9.2 invalidates 3 of 4 SSDs on my PC - Please help

    My PC/system has four SSDs. One of these SSDs, C: contains the operating system, Windows 10. These drives' are called C:, F:, G:, and H.
    F:, G:, and H: were initialized with simple layout (1 partition) and quick-formatted by Windows 10's Disk Management utility.
    After I run BurnInTest application v9.2 using a "standard" configuration, F:, G:, and H: have become "uninitialized", and C: remains working and passing all BurnInTest tests.
    This behavior is reproducible every time.
    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Initialize three uninitialized SSDs using Disk Management tool
    2. Copy successfully a simple file to each drive when they are initialized and given call letters (F: G: H
    3. Run BurnInTest V9.2
    4. Observe that Windows no longer recognizes these drives using File Explorer
    5. Observe that these three drives have become "uninitialized" using Disk Management tool

    Please help

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    What preference settings did you select for the disk test?
    (under the Configuration / Test Preferences menu)


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      Hello David,
      I have attached a screenshot of the configuration. Please provide me with pointers to set the configurations correctly. Passmark Burnintest's standard disk test configuration is good enough for my testing purpose.
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        Is this expected behaviour with the test options you selected (Raw disk test on a physical drive).

        Here are the details from Help file.
        Physical drives (drive numbers) will also be displayed [in the list of drives to test]. The physical disk read test will be selectable on each of these disks. The other test modes will only be selectable if the disk is either unformatted or formatted but has no Windows installation and no paging file. This raw disk test will create virtual test files on the raw disk. Administrator privileges are required, under Vista (and later), elevated Administrator privileges are required. CAUTION: As the Raw disk test will write directly to the disk (not via the file system), all data on the disk including any disk format information (e.g. NTFS information) will be destroyed. As such, use this option with caution.

        This warning message is also displayed (not sure how you could miss it)?
        Click image for larger version

Name:	DiskTestWarning.png
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        If you don't want this behaviour then you should test volumes (like C:, D:, etc..) and not physical disks.
        If you test a volume, then no data will be overwritten.


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          Hello David,
          For my testing purpose, I will not test Physical Drive(s). With your pointers, I have been able to configure successfully my tests as required.
          Thank you,