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    I just upgraded from v8 to v9, and I have one minor annoyance I'd like to correct if possible. When launching, the program always seems to default into tile view mode, when I'd rather have it in list view mode. I've tried saving the configuration file, I've tried setting it to use the last config and nothing seems to make a difference. Is there a way that I'm not seeing or is there no way to configure that at launch?

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    In addition to the above issue, after I made the USB version and tested it, it would not remember the last configuration. I even tried saving the configuration and placing it into the BIT directory, but to no avail. It keeps trying to add tests that I don't want, like the 'Sound' test. I never had these kind of problems with prior versions of BIT.


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      BurnInTest can be launched with the command line argument -LV to start in list view rather than tile view mode on the dashboard.

      With the USB drive version, is it self booting (using WindowsPE)? If so no files created or updated while running (eg the LastUsed.cfg file) will be remembered when the system is shutdown as the files are stored in a read only image and re-loaded each time WinPE boots. I couldn't seem to find any issues like this with a non-bootable install on USB, altering the tests updated the LastUsed.bitcfg file and this was then used next time BurnInTest was run from the USB drive.