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Video Errors Unable to find starbox_1024

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  • Video Errors Unable to find starbox_1024

    I'm running BIT 10.0 (1001) Evaluation version on a ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th Gen via a PNY 32GB USB 3.1 flash drive, successfully set up for this purpose via the instructions at In performing a 3-min all systems test, the Video and 3D Graphics tests produce the following errors, respectively:

    Unable to find or media files required for DX12 test

    Unable to obtain video control interface

    I'm aware this machine doesn't have discrete graphics. I was hoping that BIT determine that automatically, and test the onboard graphics instead. Also, if there were some option to include/not include video test files during the flash drive prep process, those instructions were not listed.

    Any and all help greatly appreciated.

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    These tests (video playback, sound, 2D and 3D) are not supported in WinPE as there generally aren't video card drivers and graphics subsystems (DirectX and OpenGL) required for the test due to WinPE being a cut down version of Windows.