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Burning Test 10 1k3 as BiT 9.2 1k2 topic

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  • Burning Test 10 1k3 as BiT 9.2 1k2 topic

    Goodmorning everyone.
    as per the title I point out that the BIT 10 version 1002 and 1003 are blocked (like the topic BiT 9.2 1k2) if there is a card-reader connected.
    I emphasize that I start from a USB stick prepared with the latest version and that on a PC without a card reader the test works perfectly.
    I am using the NOTEMP parameter as suggested in the previous topics and the system works.
    Trying to find a solution I copied the root folder of "C" and relaunched the program but it keeps crashing.
    If I try to delete the directory it tells me that the DIRECTIO64.SYS file is locked.
    I'm trying to debug files

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    Is it always the same brand of card reader that is causing the problem?
    We haven't reproduced this with the card readers we've tested here.

    Could you please launch BurnInTest in debug mode,, and send us the logs after the crash occurs.


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      mail sent.
      I noticed that the problem also occurs with Bit 9.2 version 1009 as well as with Bit 10 (all versions).
      But only with a specific card reader (and not always .. only at 50%) ..
      I don't even know if, at this point, close the post.
      Thanks anyway


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        Good morning!
        I noticed a funny thing.
        I have created a batch file that runs BIT with switches.
        the file is this:
        BIT.EXE -R -LV
        First of all I noticed that it is "CASE-SENSITIVE": if I put lowercase letters in the script it is not executed.
        then I discovered, now, that if I run the program manually (I open the USB key, enter the "BURN-USB" folder and run BIT.EXE - after waiting for ALL the icons to appear correctly) the program works perfectly ...


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          -LV wasn't doing a case insensitive comparison like the rest due to the way it is used in two flags (-L and -LV) so it will be fixed to be case insensitive for the next release.


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              With BIT 1005 (bitwindows_debug) I don't have problems (at the moment),
              but when you run the program from the key it reports an error already corrected in version 1004.
              Try to find configuration files on user documents and then load default values