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Ram test fails immediately

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  • Ram test fails immediately

    I am using the trial version for testing. The preconfigured Ram test fails immediately.

    The log entry simply says Serious and the description is No Operations during test period. Then test run stopped.

    This is a laptop with DD4 3200 RAM SODIMMS both banks filled.

    Limitation of the trial version? Or should I just using Memtest86?

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    If you are just testing RAM, MemTest86 can be used.

    However, we'll like to determine example the issue you are having with BurnInTest in case other users may be encountering it as well. If you can start BurnInTest in debug mode, recreate the issue and send in the logs, we can take a look further.

    BurnInTest Startup Debugging Instructions (


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      Hi, this is a current known issue with the evaluation version as the pre-configured RAM test currently has not time limit set and only cycles while the evaluation version does not allow this (only uses a runtime of 15 minutes).

      You can get the test to run but going to 'Configuration' > 'Test Selection and Duty Cycles' and select 'Reset Defaults'. Then manually disable all the tests except for 2D graphics and run again.

      The next release of BurnInTest will have a max test time for the pre-configured tests that are cycle based.