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BIT 10.1004 and work path

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  • BIT 10.1004 and work path

    Good Day.
    I installed BIT 10.1004 to USB, then copied it to another computer to path C:\Tests\Passmark\Burnintest.
    After running tests it created configs and logs in \User\Documents\Passmark\Burnintest.
    How do I save files to my test folder without full path in "Test Preferences --> Logging --> Log File Name and without directory "Passmark" in Documents?

    P.S. BIT 10.1002 and 10.1003 worked correctly with name of log file in Preferences, but all of then created Passmark in Documents

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    Some changes were required for the 1004 build of BurnInTest to make a distinction between when it was running from a USB (so all the directories are expected to be on the USB drive) and when running from a local hard disk but using a key.dat file (all the directories are expected to be in known folder locations in the windows install).

    To run BurnInTest like this you will need to use the command line parameter "-P" so it looks for files in the directories relative to the executable, or run it off the USB drive.


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      I attempted to use the "-P" switch when running BIT on my desktop and it still creates the "\User\Documents\Passmark\Burnintest" mentioned as well. I tested the same script on a USB thumb drive and the file was not created.

      here is the line I use to start the BIT testing via a powershell cmd:

      START-Process -filepath .\bit.exe -Argumentlist "-P -X -R -LV -W -L 200,100,820,668 -C DEFAULT.bitcfg -S MAINTEST.BITS"

      I also tested this via a cmd script as well:

      START bit.exe -P -X -R -LV -W -L 200,100,820,668 -C DEFAULT.bitcfg -S MAINTEST.BITS


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        We have really only tested two scenarios with BurnInTest.

        Install and run from an internal drive.

        Create a portable install on USB and run it from a USB drive.

        (actually there is a 3rd for network PXE booting, and booting from USB, but this isn't irrelevant here)

        We haven't really tested the case where you make a USB portable install and then kind of install it back to an internal drive.