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Not enough free disk space

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  • Not enough free disk space

    I'm using a USB flash drive to run BurnInTest 5.1. I'm also using the Test CD from PassMark. I'm getting this error when I run the test. How do I correct this?

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    What tests do you have enabled?

    If you have the hard disk test enabled for one or more drives, then how much free space is available on each of the drives that you are testing?

    For the CD test, what options did you select?



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      I'm testing A, C, D, serial port, sound, etc. The D drive is a CD/DVD and I'm using the passmark test cd. The error is only with the D drive, the test mode for this drive (CD-RW/DVD) is set to Passmark test CD/DVD. I have tried this in 3 different computers with the same error. The D drive recognizes the passmark test CD. The test mode setting (Disk) for D drive is set to Default(Cyclic). I made no other changes. No other errors except Disk (D: PassMardCD) "Not enough free disk space"
      My C drive has plenty of free space, I'm using a floppy in the floppy drive with no errors.
      I was using a usb to run the program but also tried it on my main computer where BurnInTest is loaded. Same results.


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        To test a CD/DVD drive, specify that drive (i.e. D: in the CD/DVD test. Ensure that the CD/DVD drive is set to "Not testing" in the disk test (the disk test is not for CD/DVD drives), as the disk test will try to get the amount of available disk space and then write data to the CD - and it can not.

        Best regards,


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          Thank you. That was it. I new I was doing something wrong. By the way this is a great product.