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problem with BartPE ramdisk in BurnInTest

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  • problem with BartPE ramdisk in BurnInTest

    I have created a BartPE Live CD with BurnInTest, to test new servers.
    On startup all the available disks are automatically mounted and formatted.
    After that BurnInTest automatically starts for 48 hours.

    Now I checked "Select all Hard Drives" in burnintest configuration but when the
    test runs it obviously also tests the B: RamDisk, which gives errors during the test.

    INFORMATION: 2006-08-25 18:06:33, Disk, B: Test file could not be created
    LOG NOTE: 2006-08-25 18:06:33, Disk, File name: B:\~bittestB00001, Error Code: 32
    Is there a way to exclude this one disk from the test?

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    There are really only two options as far as the selection of hard drives go.

    You can either automatically select all drives for testing or you can pick a fixed list of drives to test.

    If each machine you test is different and the automatic option doesn't work for you, then you could create 2 or 3 different configuration files. Each configuration file would be preset with a different combination of drive letters, corresponding to your common disk configurations.

    Another possibility might be to work out why there is an error creating a file on the RAM disk, then use the automatic option.


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      There was something wrong with the disk mounting program, now it seems to work fine. But thanks anyway for replying.