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BurnIn: Unit show 3D Graphic error(F/R:1/12units)

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  • BurnIn: Unit show 3D Graphic error(F/R:1/12units)

    We found 3D show error when run BurnIn test.
    Please help to check the BurnIn log.
    Look like show error when launch Burnin 3D

    Error was: Unable to find or media files required for DX12 test

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    There's nothing obvious in the log or event files, after 14 hours the 3D test failed to start once as it couldn't create a DX12 environment.

    Is the antivirus on the system set to scan the system periodically? Perhaps it blocked access to the required files at the time.


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      Hi Tim,
      Would you suggest to closed the antivirus when we run BurnIn stress?
      Or other feature also suggest to closed before run BurnIn test?
      Kindly have your comments.
      Thank you.


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        Yes we would recommended not having antivirus programs running while testing, they can also block access to files used by the disk test and cause errors when trying to access files.

        It's possible it could be a memory leak in the graphics device driver given the amount of time that has elapsed before the crash, generally this could show up in the event log as a display crash (though this wasn't evident in the logs so it may have recovered rather than crashing).

        Also it generally doesn't make sense to run everything at 100% duty cycle, as explained here.
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          Hi Tim,
          Understand, thanks for your great support.