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BunrninTest 10.0 RAM Port timeout

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  • BunrninTest 10.0 RAM Port timeout

    RAM No data in 8 minutes, After the port timeout occurs, Hardware installation 16GB RAM
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    Could you please enable trace level 2 logging in the logging options, see if you can reproduce the issue and send us the logs. With the log we should be able to see if the serial port test is timing out too or if this is a display/logging issue.

    Potentially the RAM test is waiting for a signal from one of the others tests to start that was never sent or something could be blocking the RAM test process from starting.


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      Port timeout log

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        Thanks, I don't see any issues with the memory test in this test run, operations count seems fine so perhaps you are only seeing the error the serial port.
        Can you please include the .trace log as well.

        No operations reported in timeout period for a test might mean the driver crashed (serial driver in the case) or the whole system was super slow. If the system was super slow it might be due excessive load.

        Given this is a new 12th Gen Intel CPU the CPU test may be starting more test threads than the system can handle, especially if you are using 100% duty cycle (BurnInTest may be trying to start up to 32 CPU test threads on this system currently). You can manually limit the amount of CPU test threads running by using the "Select number of threads" options in the CPU test preferences.

        Can you try just the serial port test and see if you still get the errors.


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          HI Tim
          Manually limit the CPU core. There is no error at present ,Help to see why there are such mistakes in running the network and where it has something to do with it , network test alarm error ratio exceeded
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            The standard network test is a simple ping test, the more load the network is under the higher chance it has of dropping packets (they are not considered very important).

            Considering the errors all happened almost the same time on all the network cards perhaps the network was interrupted at that time.


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              OK, thanks


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                HI tim

                In the network test, I verified that it is possible to pull 99% of loading,No problem,100% loading appear,What is the principle of this test,100% ping How many bags,99% ping How many bags


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                  Dear Tim : I have met the same problem ,LAN 100% loading fail ,LAN 99% pass ,why ?


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                    At 100% the test will send ping packets as fast possible, at this level with multiple cards it's likely that the hardware that is returning the pings (or networking hardware in between) will start to drop packets.

                    You might want to consider using the advanced network test options instead.


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                      Dear Tim :Do you have Buin-in test test introduced
                      ?if have Chinese version ?can you share give me ,TKS!!​​​​​​


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                        You can select the language under the Edit / Settings menu.

                        We have not done a full translation of BurnInTest into Chinese as yet. But there is a lot of the main interface that has been translated / localized.

                        Example below.

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	Chinese-language-BurnInTest.png Views:	0 Size:	427.7 KB ID:	51984


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                          ok ,thank you!!


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                            Dear David ,Tim:
                            Thank you very much for your answer.
                            I try to test network used advanced test LAN port ,attchment is test data ,I donot know test step if correct ,but test result is pass。 Please help to confirm the testing steps is correct?
                            IPV6 test set as attachment 1~5 pic!

                            IPV4 test set as attachment6~8 pic

                            This test method suitable for all machine?need check CPU platform ,LAN IC FW Etc?
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                              There was only 3 image attachments, but your post referenced 8 images.

                              But if the test ran (for a reasonable period of time) and produced no errors, then it should be fine.