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PC freeze during RAM test

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  • PC freeze during RAM test

    Hi, I have an older computer which has started freezing during gaming, I'm trying to figure out which part is going bad, so I've been running stress tests. The only test that duplicates the freeze is the ram test with the burnintest software. It hard freezes anywhere from 2 to 12 minutes requiring a hard power off. No errors are detected and no freeze occurs when ran in safe mode and with memtest86. No overclocks or voltages have been adjusted unless they are factory overclocked, all drivers have been updated and windows has been reinstalled on numerous occasions. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    Intel i7-4790k cpu
    Evga z87 ftw motherboard Evga gtx 970 sc
    Corsair ddr3 1333mhz 2x8gb
    Enermax 750w psu

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    As it only happens in Windows, there is some chance the fault is software related (e.g. device driver bug). But there is also a good chance it is a hardware failure.

    Sudden reboots / lockups / shutdowns are very hard to debug for a home user.
    Without a team of experienced hardware engineers and some high end test equipment you are left with trial and error. Basically taking a guess and swapping components in and out until the problem is solved.

    See also this page
    (it is for MemTest86 errors, but at lot of the same stuff applies for a RAM failure in BurnInTest)

    To rule out windows / device drivers being the cause would be tempted to install a clean copy of Windows on a 2nd hard drive (no 3rd party software) and see if that is stable.