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Local Disk test fails consistently after 15'

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  • Tim (PassMark)
    There's a current know issue where the disk test file size could be set to 0% if using the auto-select all disks option which could cause this behaviour.
    There is a debug build that should fix this and there should be a new public release soon to address it.

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  • qootec
    started a topic Local Disk test fails consistently after 15'

    Local Disk test fails consistently after 15'

    Dear support,

    I'm evaluating Burnintest v10.1 on some of our Windows 10 Pro machines.
    One of the tests consistently fails: the pre-configured "Local disk test".

    I noticed:
    • During test all indicators remain on 0 (e.g. MBytes Written)
    • After 15 minutes (consistently): the test stops with the message "No operations during test period"
    • This happens identically when I choose the 24-hour test (for which the disk test is a subtest).
    • See the attached screenshot (first during test, second after test)
    Hardware info:
    • HP ZBook (different types)
    • Primary disks: NVMe (Samsung EVO 970 pro and others)
    What is the reason for this failure?
    Can it be avoided?