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2D Scripting issue.

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  • 2D Scripting issue.


    I am trying to run the 2D graphics test via a script, but it seems that the lines and bitmaps test doesnt actually trigger on v10.1_1004.

    I am using the following line that is found in the help directory:


    The problem i am seeing is that the "Test This monitor" option does not have a listed method of selecting via scripting, and it makes the lines and bitmaps selection not do anything.

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    The 2D tests were changed significantly in V10 and the scripting has yet to be updated to reflect this (compounded by the fact the EMC monitor test patterns were never available via scripting).

    We'll look into updating it and should have something ready for you in the next day or two.


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      Awesome! Thank you for looking into this.

      I figured that's what happened, and i appreciate you taking the time to look into it!


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        Could you please install this updated build and see the updated commands for SET2DGRAPHICS in the help for how to configure the tests.


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          This seems to work great! Thank you!


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            Upon further testing, I have run into some other issues. I am using the following scripting to start BIT via powershell:

            Start-Process -filepath "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\BIT_Debug\bit. exe" -Argumentlist '-P -L 200,100,820,668 -LV -R -S MAINTEST.BITS -X'

            When i run this in my scripting, i get 3 error boxes that pop up (which i have attached to this email). Also, when using the updated build provided the testing will not go past aroud 4 and a half minutes, regardless of how i change the "SET CYCLES and SET DURATION" options. These issues do not occur in BIT 10.1 v1004.

            Any assistance with this would be appreciated!
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              Does BIT load ok when you open it normally?

              Could we get a copy of the script file?


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                The debug version (v1005) that was sent to me opens fine when i just double click on the BIT.exe file. It only throws the error when i try to run bit with either PowerShell or cmd scripting. Interestingly, it does not error out when i put the "-c" argument in specifying a config file (though in the scenario we are running, we do not want to use a config file as the customer wants to visually see in our scripting what tests are being set and what configuration those tests are being set to).

                To reiterate, when this same script is run on the released 10.1 v1004, i do not run into this issue.
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                  I didn't seem to have an issue with the script on a test system here.

                  Since you're using the -P command how did you get the BurnInTest files to this directory? Did you do an install to USB and select this location, or copy of from another directory / USB?
                  Given the errors occurring it's likely due to using -P without all the files being in the expected location.


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                    I think i figured it out. i added the whole path to the MAINTEST.BITS file i was creating, and the errors went away. This also seems to have fixed the issue with the testing time as well!


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                      Sorry Again

                      Upon even further testing, I have noticed the tests are still stopping at 4.5 minutes when the USB 2.0 loopback is installed. When i remove the loopback from the system, the tests run the full duration. this does not change when the USB tests are removed from the configuration. I am pretty confused as to what might be going on.


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                        Do you have a log from the test run?
                        You've set the test to run for 1 cycle or $TestLengthSTR, so if the USB test fails it won't hit the cycle count and instead stop at the time (assuming the test will all have completed a cycle by 4.5 minutes).


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                          I removed the SETCYCLES setting and re-created the BIT folder from what you originally sent me, and i seem to have fixed my issues. Sorry for the trouble!