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No temperature measurement for Intel NUC Essentials

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  • No temperature measurement for Intel NUC Essentials

    Testing the Intel NUC 11 Essentials: NUC11ATKPE. No CPU temperatures are detected. None of the 3rd party options that can be selected instead of the inbuilt work either.

    The NUC is using the Intel Pentium Silver N6005 Processor.

    Any plans for an update that will detect the CPU temperatures?

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    Make sure you are using the latest release of BurnInTest if you are not.

    If so, could you launch BurnInTest in debug mode, open the test preferences and go to the temperature tab so BurnInTest scans for available temperature sources and then send us a copy of the log files that are created after startup.


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      Hi, just wondering if you got anywhere with the log files I sent a few weeks ago and if an update is expected to fix the missing CPU temps.


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        We don't seem to have got the log file. We did find an different EMail from 2 years ago, from your Email address, however.

        Do you what the subject of the EMail was?


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          Strangely it seems I may have never sent it (not in my sent folder). So just sent it. Same title as this thread.