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Burnintest 3d Test RTX 4090

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  • Burnintest 3d Test RTX 4090


    I have a system to test with a 13900K and a RTX 4090

    My current setting are

    CPU 80
    3D 100
    RAM 80
    HDD 50

    The gpu does not seem to be getting much stress at all and only hitting 40 Degrees C and i feel its not fully testing the card, I know the 13th gen support is on its was, is this the same for the latest nvidia cards also?

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    Can you,
    1) Add in the GPGPU test.
    2) Increase the size of the 3D test window to match the monitor's size. But it might be hard to load a 4090 without a fairly large resolution (e.g. 4K or better).
    AND / OR
    3) Add a 2nd monitor and run the 3D test on both monitors with a larger window.
    4) Try lowering the load on the CPU slightly, as if the CPU is super busy, it can't feed the data to the GPU.


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      I've added the GPGPU test at 100% and this has upped the usage to around 85% will also test at 4k

      If the GPGPU test fails, what would this indicate to be the fault ? GPU core ?
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        Yes GPU EU (Execution unit) or video memory would be the likely cause in the case of a GPGPU test failure. (with some change it could be a video card device driver bug)