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HDD Transfer Rate in BIT PRO 4.0 (1032)

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  • HDD Transfer Rate in BIT PRO 4.0 (1032)

    Hello, It appears that when I am running BIT Pro 4.0 (1032) the HD transfer rate is about 1.4 MM/sec until I place the mouse on the Windows 2000 desktop. Then transfer rate is reduced to .39 M/sec and never recovers. This also happens when I attempt to access the Windows 2000 start menu. In addition, I do not see any processes running in the background. However, if I never perform none of the above the transfer rates do not change dramatically. Are there any known issues with the HD transfer rate via BIT Pro 4.0 (1032) & Windows 2000 ? Any assistance that you could provide would be appreciated.

    Many Thanks,

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    There are no know issues that would cuase this. The position of the mouse should not effect the speed of the disk. Unless maybe you are running some software that triggers disk activity as a result of moving the mouse over the desktop. Clicking on the start button can certainly generate some disk activity but it should only last for a couple of seconds.

    There is hard coded behaviour in Windows to give more resources to the active application, to make it seem more response to the user. But this only comes into play if you have multiple heavy applications running.

    Here is the description of the process from Misrosoft,

    Optimal responsiveness for applications Windows 2000 Professional's default configuration provides optimal responsiveness for applications. By default, it defines short, variable quanta for applications and gives a foreground application a priority boost. This is different from Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, which does not boost priority of the foreground application but only assigns a longer time slice (quantum) to the foreground thread. You can configure the setting by using System properties on both Windows NT Workstation and Windows 2000 Professional.

    A rate of 1.4MB/sec is very slow. Did you adjust the duty cycle up to 100% for the disk test? With the disk duty cycle at 100% and no other tests running, you should see speeds of between 15 and 50 MB/sec depending on your hardware.