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Difference in PassMark WinPE and standard WinPE

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  • Difference in PassMark WinPE and standard WinPE

    Hi All,

    I have some questions about BIT in WinPE.
    Q1. What difference about making WinPE by PassMark WinPE Builder and other method?
    Q2. What difference about limitation in PassMark WinPE and standard WinPE? Like not support 2D/3D.

    WinPE version is 3.1, 32-bit
    Burn-in Test version is 8.0


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    Q1. There should be little to no difference. PassMark WinPEBuilder is just a graphical GUI to automate the process. Behind the scenes, WinPEBuilder generates and executes a batch script to create a WinPE image using the tools provided from WADK (WinPE 4.0) or WAIK (WinPE 3.0) installation on the computer. If you are using WinPEBuilder to create a WinPE image of BurnInTest, then it just makes sure that the required packages and files are preloaded. If you don't want to use WinPEBuilder, we also provide instructions in document form, Self booting BurnInTest.

    Q2. The limitation should be the same. See Q1. WinPE is minimal OS with limited services built on top of the Windows kernel. If you do not inject the necessary drivers or add necessary packages for the system you are booting on, then you will likely not have that functionality, i.e. no 2D/3D support.


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      Thanks your soon reply.
      So, if I inject the graphic driver, I can test 2D/3D case?


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        It is not that simple, that's why we don't support 3D/2D test functions in WinPE. While it might be technically possible to get it running there are a host of video card driver issues and library issues (e.g. DirectX) to get it all working in WinPE. (i.e. if it was working, it would probably only work on a sub-set of video cards).

        Many have tried, but we have never heard back of a successful case. We don't disable the tests either so, if you feel ambitious you can try to get it to work. If you want to do 3D testing, then the full version of Windows would be better suited.