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Which video test is the most suitable to create traffic at the PEG slot?

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  • Which video test is the most suitable to create traffic at the PEG slot?

    Hi all,

    my aim is to provide a functional test of the PCI Express Graphics Port, running for 24 hours. I am using a standard graphics card for this task and I would like to know, which of the PassMark BurnIn tests is most suitable to produce as much traffic as possible at the PEG Port?

    Thank you very much in advance for your answer!

    Best regards,


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    There is no special "Graphics Port" for PCIe. All PCIe slots can be used for graphics. Which means there isn't really a formal industry wide definition for what a "PEG port" is.

    We have a PCIe test card for generating PCIe traffic.

    But the 3D Test and video RAM test should both generate traffic to the video card (over the PCIe bus). We haven't done any precise measurement of the data rate however.
    Other good options would be using the disk test or network test in BurnInTest to put load on the PCIe bus. This could be done with a M2 expansion card.
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      Hi David,
      thank you very much for your answer.

      Sorry for being not precise enough. I am using a Gen4 Graphics Card in the x16 slot of my motherboard and I want to test all the lanes with 16GT/s, so the test cards your company is offering will not be suitable in my eyes. But I think 3D test and/or video RAM test will do.

      Kind regards,


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        We are working on a PCIe3 & 4 solution with more lanes.
        But it won't be available until later in the year.