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"Error while receiving from the COM port" within linux

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  • "Error while receiving from the COM port" within linux


    I got an error -- "Error while receiving from the COM port" for testing serial port on our hardware. Our test target JUST has TXD/RXD signals and we have checked this option "Disable RTS/CTS and DSR/DTR testing".

    So we verify this function on another machine that has all the serial port signals.
    1. We choose "Disable RTS/CTS and DSR/DTR testing" and just connect TXD/RXD on the connector. The result is failed.
    2. We connect RTC/CTS as your help specify, then the test is pass.

    We want to know if "Disable RTS/CTS and DSR/DTR testing" has functionaity on BurnInTest? This will help us verify our test taget unit.

    Please help. Thanks.


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    Fedora Core 4 + kernel

    chipset - Nvidia CK8-04



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      Hi Delphine,

      BurnInTest Linux currently enables hardware flow control whether you disable "RTS/CTS and DTR/DSR testing" or not. This is possibly a bug. Because your test target only has TXD and RXD signals, the COM interface could be waiting for your test target to set the RTS (which is absent) before it receives the signal. I have sent a new beta version to your e-mail for your evaluation. This version disables setting of CTS/RTS flow control if user disables CTS/RTS testing.

      Please do turn on Logging in Test Preference and set Trace Activity to Level 1. Let me know how your evaluation went. Send me BIT_log.trace if the problem persists.
      PassMark Software