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3D Graphics, Unknown DirectX error

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  • 3D Graphics, Unknown DirectX error

    Help me take a look at the Intel A40 graphics card,10.2 1010,Without inserting a display device,The following ZIP log,3D Graphics, Unknown DirectX error,You can find it by default if you change to another graphics card.
    Monitor 1: 1024x768x32 60Hz 96 DPI (Primary monitor)
    Weirdly enough, it can't be found without a monitor connected. Monitor 1: 1024x768x32 60Hz 96 DPI (Primary monitor, it needs to be connected to the monitor to find Monitor 1: 1920x1080x32 50Hz 96 DPI (Primary monitor)​
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    The 3D graphics test can't be run on a video card that has no monitor connection.

    Very likely the problem is with the Intel ARC video card device drivers. Intel has had a lot of problems with these and the early releases had a lot of bugs and performance issues.


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      Thanks. I would like to ask if other graphics cards are not connected to a monitor, they will default to Monitor 1: 1024x768x32 60Hz 96 DPI (Primary monitor)。Where did you get it from?

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        Hi! David:

        I wonder if it Is mandatory for a display driver to at least offer a virtual monitor if there is no physical monitor attached. It seems there are other display adapters that also refuse to report a monitor if no physical monitor is attached.


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          We aren't aware of any fake / virtual monitors being created. The reported information about which monitors are connected to which cards should be accurate.