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3D Graphics, Unknown DirectX error

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  • 3D Graphics, Unknown DirectX error

    Help me take a look at the Intel A40 graphics card,10.2 1010,Without inserting a display device,The following ZIP log,3D Graphics, Unknown DirectX error,You can find it by default if you change to another graphics card.
    Monitor 1: 1024x768x32 60Hz 96 DPI (Primary monitor)
    Weirdly enough, it can't be found without a monitor connected. Monitor 1: 1024x768x32 60Hz 96 DPI (Primary monitor, it needs to be connected to the monitor to find Monitor 1: 1920x1080x32 50Hz 96 DPI (Primary monitor)​
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    The 3D graphics test can't be run on a video card that has no monitor connection. (but it should be possible with the GPGPU test)

    Very likely the problem is with the Intel ARC video card device drivers. Intel has had a lot of problems with these and the early releases had a lot of bugs and performance issues.


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      Thanks. I would like to ask if other graphics cards are not connected to a monitor, they will default to Monitor 1: 1024x768x32 60Hz 96 DPI (Primary monitor)。Where did you get it from?

      Click image for larger version

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        Hi! David:

        I wonder if it Is mandatory for a display driver to at least offer a virtual monitor if there is no physical monitor attached. It seems there are other display adapters that also refuse to report a monitor if no physical monitor is attached.


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          We aren't aware of any fake / virtual monitors being created. The reported information about which monitors are connected to which cards should be accurate.


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            is it because you have chosen non primary monitor

            Placement = Auto placement on non-primary monitor