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BurnInTest - BSOD on HP 840 G8's

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  • BurnInTest - BSOD on HP 840 G8's

    We've got a number of HP 840 G8 devices which bluescreen on launching BIT with an "unable to find DirectIO64.Sys" error, we've tried a few versions including the current 10.2 1011 build, same thing. The error sounds similar to a Lenovo related error that was fixed a couple of months ago.

    Most of them don't have the issue, only a select few, the OS and BIOS versions seem to have no impact, same issue with our SOE build of either Win10 or 11, and factory images. We can't see any common identifier between the systems that have the issue, and the ones that don't. Changing the mainboard in an effected machine will usually resolve the problem, so it's something on the boards that's the issue.

    The machines in question have a i5-1135G7 CPU.

    Please let me know how I should provide any more details if needed.


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    I assume you mean this Lenovo issue.

    Are you completely sure the BIOS settings are the same for all these motherboards?

    Especially these settings in BIOS (or things with similar names)
    Enhanced Windows biometric security +
    Secure Devices (SDEV) ACPI table +
    Virtualization-based Security (VBS)​

    Not being able to "find" the device driver .sys file should not provoke a BSOD. So that is a bit strange. Can you post a photo or screen shot of the error?

    Can you also post or EMail us the debug log.

    And if there is any crash dump from the BSOD that would also be interesting.


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      Sorry, yes, the error is exactly as per the linked Lenovo issue, "BSOD Stop code was SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION​ on the DirectIo64.sys device driver​"

      Interestingly, when I put BIT into debug mode, it gives me startup error 4 for a few seconds prior to the BSOD.

      I can't see obvious equivalents to those 3 BIOS settings, but a factory reset of the BIOS doesn't help matters.

      Looking at the crashdump it looks like DirectIO64 crashed due to some NTFS function, I'll send it through along with the debug logs.


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        Startup error 4 is related to license key issues, which in turn is related to the crash during startup. So you can ignore the startup error (for the moment) as it isn't related to the root cause.

        We'll have a look at the logs when they arrive.