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Unable to run at desired MSAA setting of 4x

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  • Unable to run at desired MSAA setting of 4x

    Testing Burnintest for Windows and getting an error for the 3D test: Unable to run at desired MSAA setting of 4x. I've Googled, searched forum, etc., but still unable to find something relevant for what to do with this error and Burnintest. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    The DirectX 12 test scene is shared by our PerformanceTest benchmark application. The use of Multisampling Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) is to increase the GPU memory usage. In PerformanceTest, to set a baseline, the test wants run at 4K and 4X MSAA. The additional messages indicates that trying to render with 4x MSAA is not supported or possibly lack of available GPU memory (e.g. if you run multiple DX12 test windows).

    The penalty messages can be safely ignored in BurnInTest, we'll look to remove the message in a future release of BurnInTest to avoid confusion.


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      Thank you. Let me know if you need logs or something. I can provide upon request.