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Memory Slot Infor in System Incorrrect

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  • Memory Slot Infor in System Incorrrect

    Using BurnIn under System Information then Memory it only shows one memory slot populated even if you have more than one slot populated (in this case two slots are populated). It does show the correct amount of total memory (in this case 64 gig (two 32gig chips)).

    This is with a Asus ROG Maximuus Z790 Hero motherboard, Intel i9-13900KS and GSkill F5-6000J3238G32GX2-RS5K Memory (2 32gig modules). However, I did run BurnIn on an older Dell with 7th gen i5 and it had 2 memory modules installed (2 8gig modules) and Bunin only shows one moudle populated even thought there are two. Does show correct amount of total memory though. The timings it's showing maybe not be correct either. However, if I generate a report in BurnIn, the report does show that 2 memory slots are populated.

    This is with BurnIn Test 10.2 Build 1012. But this same problem exists in PerformanceTest 11 Build 1009.Memtest86 shows all correct, on screen and in report.

    Have attached screenshot and BurnIn log file.

    Thanks ​
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    Can you give this build a try which should address this:


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      Yes, that fixed the issue. Not sure about how it is reading the memory timings. Seems to be reading the 2400 (or 4800) speed. It is set at 3000 (or 6000) in BIOS. Maybe that is what speed it is running when BurnIn reads the memory?

      Don't forget, Performance Test has this same problem.