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Adequate Burn-in Time

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  • David (PassMark)
    Not an easy question. In our opinion, the chances or finding a problem in the first hour are relatively high, (the system gets hot, it's the first run across the disk / CD and the first use of some of the drivers). Then every hour after that, the chance of finding a hardware problem drops significantly. The extra benefit of doing 12 hours compared to 6 hours is thus probably not great. Other nice technique is temperature cycling. All major manufacturers of electronic equipment do this, they have large ovens and fridges in which they test equipment. The expansion and contraction of components and solder joins brings to light many problems. You could do 6 hours On, 6 hours Off, then 6 hours On, to get some limited temperature variation like this. NASA and the Army load their equipment on to vibration machines, but this may be going too far for home / office use.

    I would make sure you get at least one or passes across the entire hard disk.

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  • mrozanski58
    started a topic Adequate Burn-in Time

    Adequate Burn-in Time

    How long does burn-in have to run to be considerared adequate? Is it 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours???? Thnaks in advance for your input.