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Passmark 7.0 (1015) sound and network test conflict

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  • Passmark 7.0 (1015) sound and network test conflict


    I am using passmark 7.0 to run the burn in test. If I select network 100% loading and sound 100% loading at the same time and no matter what temperature it is, the sound will show "failed to play back MIDI via sequencer" (cycle 260 nd error 1).

    If I set network loading 99% and sound loading 100%, then there is no error at all.

    Why does that happen?

    system information
    CPU: Atom E3825 1.33Hz
    OS: Win7 64 bit
    sound chip: ALC 892
    lan chip: I210
    network setting in passmark: bad packet ratio generates error (ratio 2%)



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    Are you only running the network test and the sound test?
    Might you also be collecting temperature data from the CPU & disks?

    I ask this as there was an issue found in Win10 with the MIDI test and the collection of temperature data. This was fixed in V8. See the BurnInTest release notes and this post on the Midi conflict.

    But over the last few years there have also been numerous other problems with the Midi function. Most of them were device driver bugs and memory leaks.


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      Hi, David

      Audio driver : from realtek itself
      Test softwareassmark only
      passmark function: 2D, 3D, CPU, Memory, Network, Serial port, sound, video play back

      I have tried that there is only influence when network and sound test 100% at the same time, 99% sound loading with no problem at all.