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2D Tests on BIT 5.3 Pro issue

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  • 2D Tests on BIT 5.3 Pro issue

    I am testing a few units from Zotac for stability and to see if there are any problems. The specific model is ZBOX-CI320NANO-U, the CPU is Intel Celeron n29300 @ 1.83 GHZ. O/S is Windows 10 and the latest IntelHD Graphic drivers are installed.

    I am experiencing something irregular with the 2D graphics test on BurnInTest v5.3 Pro. What's happening is once I start the test, at first it seems to be functioning normally but then the operations stop at 15 and do not continue for some time then it will proceed to run more operations. Is this something I should be concerned about? I have another unit and the 2D graphics test run smoothly throughout the whole duration (the operations do not seem to freeze).

    Thank you for any help and insight provided.

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    We don't support V5 of BurnInTest anymore. You might want to try V8.

    Might be the Duty Cycle setting in the test settings in BurnInTest. Or it might be interaction with other tests you are running. Try running the 2D test by itself.