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  • Strange Problem

    Hi Guys.

    We use BIT to burn in our cad workstations, servers etc but recently we have been seeing a problem with BIT that has quite frankly got me stumped.

    Right, the problem is that randomly the BIT just dissappears. Sometimes there are still memtest.exe modules running in task manager and the CPU usage is still at 100% but there are no tests shown on the desktop and the frontend for the BIT Software has just vanished. You cannot restart the BIT software as it reports that it is still running untill you manually close down all instances of memtest.exe then restart from the icon or to reboot. when you reboot you also have to manually delete the temp files that BIT creates when its testing the hard drives.

    This has happened on a variety of systems with substantially differing specs and it varies from machine to machine how long it will run before going awol. It is that random that you can run the BIT and go back a few hours later and it will have gone, then you can restart the software and it will run all weekend.

    Any ideas?



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    We are having the same problem. We installed IE7 before burn in on a new machine. We thought IE7 might have something to do with but we uninstalled IE7 and it is still doing it. We pushed the images out to 19 machines and it has happening on all 19. Any ideas on what we can do to get passmark to fix this issue?


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      Could you give us some details of the setup.
      Is this the Linux or Windows version?
      Is it 32bit of 64bit?
      Which version of the O/S?
      What exact version of BurnInTest?
      What tests do you have active in BurnInTest?

      It is possible we have already fixed this problem, but can't be sure without more details.


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        It only appears to happen on the 32Bit Version with Windows XP Pro SP2 with all relevent updates. The tests i run are the Both CPU tests, Memory tests, 2D and 3D Tests and HDD Test on both partitions.

        I have just downloaded the latest builds which are on your website and will update when i have had more chance to test.



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          If you still have a problem with the latest builds try and narrow the problem down to 1 test. e.g. just the 3D test.

          Your hardware details would be good as well.