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USB Loopback automated driver installation

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  • USB Loopback automated driver installation

    Hi there,
    is there any way to have a fully automated driver installation? I always have to point for the driver files.

    Normally if I copy the driver inf files to %windir%\inf
    and the sys files to %windir%\system32\drivers

    Windows should find the files automaticly and install them, in my case it seems that only the inf file is found, but not the sys files and I also get some error messages regarding the regestry settings.

    Does anybody have a different idea how to solve that problem?

    Best regards

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    hope this help

    I do not know what method you applied.
    I found this one for Windows 2003 RIS deployment.
    Give it a try if you want and let me know the result.
    Since Passmark USB driver does not have Microsoft signature, in addition to your work, you should add these line in your *.sif under [unattended] section
    PHP Code:
    UnattendMode FullUnattended
    There is a "OemPnPDriversPath=" option to indicate where Windows will find the drivers other than its default location.
    But you already copied it to Windows' folders, so I do not think you need it.

    good luck,


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      This is a cost issue. If anyone wants to fund / partially fund this (quite expensive) we will pay Microsoft and we will go through the Windows logo process. Otherwise, we will investigate this further as time permits and post if we find a solution for XP/2003. This is not an issue on W2000.

      For what it's worth, we have released a new version of the USB 2.0 Loopback device drivers today that supports Windows Vista. It resolves the problem in this post for Windows Vista.

      Release V6.1 build 0001
      WIN32 release 3/November/2006
      WIN64 release 30/October/2006
      - A Digital signature has been added to the device driver package.
      As such, the device drivers can be installed on 64-bit versions
      of Windows Vista. Also, under Windows Vista, the device driver
      is automatically installed for the 2nd and subsequent USB 2.0
      Loopback plugs added to a system - like Windows 2000. This is
      unlike Windows XP/2003 where each device required manual
      installation via the Windows wizard.

      Ian (PassMark)


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        Hi Everybody,
        we always set the driver signing policy to ignore, because we have many unsigned drivers. That's not my problem, I wouldn't care if I have to click continue to tell Windows to use the driver.

        Actually I'm testing on completely finsihed installation. I learned from a PC-card manufacturer, that if I precopy the inf file to:
        and the sys files to:
        %windir%\system32\drivers normally windows can find the driver automaticly. In my case I have to point for the "PMUSB.sys", so it seems Windows found the inf file, but didn't find the additional *.sys files.

        Even if I already have installed a USB plug by hand, if I add the second one, I have to point for the driver again.

        Any idea?

        Best regards


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          I believe that this mechanism won't work because each USB 2.0 Loopback plug has a unique USB serial number (stored in its firmware) and the standard Windows installation process is required for each plug (for unique device registry changes etc). However, the standard process requires the driver to go through Microsoft logo testing (on XP/ W2003 server - not W2000/Vista).

          The unique serial number means that the plug can be identified by BurnInTest for error reporting and error recovery. It also means that the plug is known system wide and you do not need to install the device driver for each USB port.

          Best regards,
          Ian (PassMark)


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            Hi Ian,
            OK I understand that, but wouldn't it be possible to modify the driver.inf to tell windows to search on specified folder?



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              I have tried to do this previously and just had another look. I don't believe the issue is related to copying the files, as even if you specify no files to copy in the .inf file (commenting out ";CopyFiles=PMUSB.SysFiles") then the wizard is still required, even though no driver files are required for installation.

              If want me to look some more, could you please send me an example of an unsigned Plug and Play driver package that you use this mechanism for. Ideally with a unique device ID. Please send to help [at] passmark [dot] com.


              Ian (Passmark)


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                USB Loopback automated driver installation

                Hi Lan,
                I read the thread. Is there any option found to automate the USB loopback device driver installation in XP now?


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                  Since the earlier posts the USB 2.0 Loopback drivers have been digitally signed, so if you are not using V6.1.1 (or later) then you should update the device drivers:

                  However, you still need to install the device driver for the Loobpack plug. You may be able to use the Microsoft devcon tool to automate this:


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                    Hi Ian,
                    we have tested the signed drivers. They work well on Win7 but WinXP only accept them as none WHQL signed driver.

                    Is that correct?

                    Best Regards