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BIT needs to test the TPM!

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  • BIT needs to test the TPM!

    Dear Passmark,

    I believe that Passmark needs to add a TPM test to BIT. I was surprised to recently find TPM available on consumer motherboards. On servers, TPM had been sparsely used because of a lack of software support and applications, but now TPM use is common and TPM stress testing is required.

    I found a forum posting from July 9, 2013 requesting TPM support. Unfortunately, like that user, I can't help you with ideas on how to test TPM. The tools that I have come from silicon vendors and they're awful. One runs only in the EFI shell. Another runs only on DOS, so I need to configure a USB drive as bootable DOS in order to run the test. And it needs to be a DOS version that offers scripting as the test performs only a single operation each time it's invoked.

    Hopefully, tools and information will become available that can be adapted into a TPM module for BIT. TPM implementations are now mainstream and I believe more BIT users will want that functionality.


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    I has been on our list to look at for a while.
    But demand is low. I think we haven't had any request since 2013.

    I'll make sure it is on the list of things for BIT9, but that is still some time off.