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Burn-in Test, in production setting storage issue(?)

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  • Burn-in Test, in production setting storage issue(?)

    So my company has been utilizing passmarks software suite with a little bit of home-brewed software to create a production line setting for refurbishing units in volume.

    Part of our process has been to write all test information to a NAS however one thing we've noticed is when we are processing at higher volumes the NAS can't seem to keep up and locks up.

    Does the burnin test create and write an ongoing temp file to the storage location until it is finalized or does it wait until the end to write the file in one shot? If the former is there a location where an adjustment can be made to save the temp file locally then save the finalized results to the NAS?

    Current theory is simply having 60 ongoing temp files being populated by the second is overloading.

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    So you are directing all your copies of BurnInTest that are running to create the log files on the NAS?

    The log file is updated incrementally, so there will be a write to the log file when the test starts of all the system information and then as any errors or warnings occur it will be updated as required and the test results will be written at the end of the test.

    A normal text log file should be pretty small (~50KB after 5mins), even with 60 copies of BurnInTest running a NAS should be able to handle that, are there any specifications for it that list the maximum open file handles or IOPS it can handle?

    Using the BurnInTest Management console might also be an alternative solution.