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Does BIT support external USB device ?

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  • Does BIT support external USB device ?

    I have 8 USB loopback, but my board have 10USB port, can I plug 8 loopback + 2USB harddisk (or other device) then run test at the same time ?
    if I can do that, how can I set in BIT ?

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    BurnInTest can run the USB loopback test with our loopback plugs. And it can also work with hard drives connected via a USB port.

    However it wouldn't be totally surprising to me to find your power suppy is not adequate to connect 10 bus powered USB devices.


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      My motherboard is special design for some purpose. the chipset is CK804+IO4, CK804 own 10 USB ports, pls don't worry about power, our RD has unusual pay attation about power plan.

      ok, When I connect USB storage (1.8' HDD and USB DVD ROM), I can't see the device in USB option, but I can see the device in DISK option, does it correct ? so I just can burning it by [DISK] option ?
      if so... I think we need more loopback..


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        Yes the external HD and CD drive do not appear in the list with the available USB loopback plugs. The external HD will appear in the list of hard drives. You will need to use the HD test in BurnInTest to test the external HD and by consequence you will also test the USB port.