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    I can initially set the disk file size to .01 (the minimum allowed value), save and open the configuration file, and it seems to create files that are .0001% of the disk size. I have a 75GB disk and 7.5MB are written in one cycle. Is there something I misunderstand about the file size setting?

    Sometimes, when I open the disk preferences page again, the file size text box appears empty and the drive details report 0.0. If I try to enter .01, 0.01, or other numbers, an error is reported that says "The disk test file size of 0.0% is not valid. It must be in the range of 0.01% to 15.0%. Please enter a value in this range." Is this a bug, or is it my installation?

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    The File size setting is a percentage of disk space, so 1.0% (the default setting) of a 75GB (75000MB) disk would be 75000MB * 1.0 /100 = 750MB.

    If you specify 0.01% (i.e. 0.01/100 or 0.0001) in the File size box, you are specifying 75000 * 0.01 /100 = 7.5MB. So, 0.01% of 75GB is 7.5MB. So this seems correct.

    There is however a bug in that if you specify a number with 2 decimal places, then the 2nd and subsequent decimal places will be rounded off when you re-enter preferences. So you can specify a file size down to 0.01%, but when you go back into preferences it will be rounded to a single decimal place, e.g. 0.0% and you will need to re-enter the required value (or select cancel). We will correct this in the next build.

    Best regards,
    Ian (Passmark)