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2D tests display blank

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  • 2D tests display blank

    I test 2D module with other module such as 3D , disk , ram ,cpu .
    It did not draw anything and got 0 operation 0 cycle but did not error .

    when i test just only few module such as 2D with 3D or 2D with cpu , 2D module
    draw line and got operations.

    I think maybe because of my cpu is slow but at least it could got some operations for 2D.
    do u have any idea about this problem ,

    My System
    cpu : AMD Geode
    OS : Ubunut 6.x
    bit : bit linux 1007

    thanks kub

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    How long was the test period? What were the duty cycles selected?

    It is certainly possible that your system was too slow to get very far into the test before the end of the test period.

    It is also possible you ran out of RAM or swap space or the system spent all its time thrashing the disk while swapping out RAM.


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      I have test it for 43 hrs with module CPU ,Disk,Ram ,2D,3D,Network at 80 % work load.
      It still running everything fine but 2D do not display anything with 0 cycle .

      My system have swap partition 1000 MB , Ram 256 MB ,cpu 500 MHz .
      When i test burnin in higher computer everything ok , maybe my first computer is very slow .


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        If the cycle did not increase, it means the 2D Graphics Test did not go into the loop that does the drawing and painting. I have a beta build:

        that does additional logging when 2D Graphics Test is starting so we can tell where it got stuck. Just unzip it and replace the burnitest application file.
        Run burnintest and send the debug file "debug.log" to sk [at] passmark [dot] com.

        Also, you might want to try turning off Memory Test to see if it could be caused by the system spending all its time thrashing the disk.
        PassMark Software