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  • Linux Test Suite vs Windows

    We are currently a Windows BurnInTest customer. Great product. We design SBC's and have seen some failures on the hard drive test (ide2) after running for approx 1 hr under WinXP. I'm trying to duplicate these results under Linux because I have a hunch it may be unique to WinXP's drivers and/or interaction with the BIOS. I've downloaded the shareware version of the Linux BurnInTest and it's hard drive test only runs for 15 minutes max (due to it being shareware version). If I want to run it longer I need to buy a copy. I am willing to do that but I'm wondering if the hard drive testing code under Linux is as evolved as the Windows suite? The Linux interface in the test suite looks like it's missing some features. Can you verify whether it is really performing the same tests in Linux as Windows?

    Brent Bartson

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    The hard drive test of BurnInTest Linux is very similar to that of Windows as it is ported from the Windows version (of course, there are changes to some Windows-specific APIs but the test flow is similar). However, there is no "Butterfly Seeking" test in the Linux version of Disk Test.

    We have created an FAQ question that summarizes the test suite differences.
    PassMark Software