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BITCFG files will only execute from My Documents\Passmark\Burn-in

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    It is not yet available for general release. Currently planned for general release around 23 March 2007. If it's urgent, then please email us (help [at] passmark [dot] com) and we will send you a pre-release shortly.

    Ian (PassMark)


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      There's no rush, I can wait a week.

      Could you possible add another option to the command line to mute the main volume in Windows? (In Vista specifically)

      i.e. "bit.exe /mute"
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        I am so glad I found this post. I've been having this problem with the x64 version, where it would ALWAYS search the personal user directories for the bitcfg, but would never use the one in the current directory until I stopped the test and then loaded the correct config. This finally fixed it. I must have overlooked this in the manual last time I perused it.


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          I have a similar problem, I run bit.exe with the /p parameter.
          By the way instead of using full path you can use ".\config.bitcfg"

          .\ is normally interpreted as full path of current directory.

          We're currently using BurnIn v5.3 pro Build 1004, but no matter what option I set, it always creates a "\Passmark\BurnIn" folder in the "my documents" folder an places a lastused.bitcfg when using the key.dat version I expect it doesn't create anything on the unit I test.

          I have tried to update to v5.3 Build 1011, but in that Build I can not use a pre-test application like ".\runthis.cmd" on Build 1004 this is working.


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            We have found a problem with the translation of "./" in filenames and will correct this in the next release of BurnInTest (date TBD).

            We could not find a reason why the LastUsed.bitcfg file would be created in the "My Documents\PassMark\BurnInTest" folder when the "-p" command line parameter is specified. Can you send your configuration file and information about the mechanism you use to start BurnInTest (exact command line, or batch file, shortcut infromation including working directory etc). You can email this to help [at] passmark [dot] com



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              You've got mail a copy of it, here. (w/o attachments)

              Hello Ian,

              Find attached all my configuration files.
              The last time I tried with stresstest.bitcfg

              I can not post the whole Batch file, but I think one of the parts that starts BIT should be OK.

              if exist %_sn%.log del %_sn%.log
              echo SETLOG "%_sn%.log" >> tmp-script.txt
              echo SETMACHINETYPE "%_model%" >> tmp-script.txt
              echo SETSERIAL "%_sn%" >> tmp-script.txt
              echo SETNOTES "Assembly order: %_fa% Tester ID: %_test%" >> tmp-script.txt
              type tmp-script.txt >> bit-script-input.txt
              start /wait bit -p -c .\stresstest.bitcfg -r
              Than within the BIT I use the copy_tmp.cmd that only contains one line:
              type tmp-script.txt >> bit-script-input.txt
              It's included with .\copy_tmp.cmd in the configuration as a "start and wait until finished" application. As bit-script-input.txt is always deleted after one time of use, this way I make sure it's existing on every start of BIT and all my information are passed to the logfile.

              My path I work on is c:\SYSPREP\rodabit\

              All Batch files and configuration files are in the same directory like BIT.exe